Poiana Diana-Ionela


I'm a young lady who loves to find out what life was prepared for her.

I was born in Temeswar, raised by my mother and my father. Now I'm studying mathematics-informatics at Grigore Moisil Highschool and planning to become an architect.
I have a very busy life, in which when I don't prepare for my dream of becoming an architect I have my own world filled with fantasy.

I think of myself as being an arty person. I like to read and drawn myself into someone's else life for a bit, I like to listen to music and feel their lyrics, I like to draw or paint and go with the flow. I like clothes and fashion. I like to write about anything that is crossing my mind. I also have a blog that I started when I was 17. That was when I had the most amazing time of my life.

After becoming an architect, I'd like to travel the world and meet all the cultures in the world, take pictures and be a volunteer in Africa.

At the age of 30 maybe, I will have a fancy house in New York and have a life like in Sex and the City TV Show.